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The Walls

"Poetry in Paint" Exhibit April 24-October 29

The unveiling of the next exhibit is October 30th at 2 pm.

"The Walls" is a free outdoor art exhibit with huge 8'x8' murals painted by local artists. "The Walls" are located on the lawn of the Harrington School. This installation's theme for the artists is "Poetry in Paint." Each artist based their piece from an inspiring poem or song lyrics. Come visit and be sure to tag your social media posts with #harringtonwalls to support these wonderful artists.

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We are extremely proud to present the artists of the 6th installment of the walls. Each artist spent anywhere from 1-3 weeks working on these masterpieces. They were given materials and a theme, the rest was up to their intepretation of what "Poetry in Paint" means to them.

Abby Worthen

Abigayle Worthen is a young artist who has recently graduated from high school and is currently attending UVU for Deaf Studies and hopes to continue studying art as well. She has been drawing practically her whole life, especially because it helps with her ADHD. She prefers traditional art to digital art, though she does use both. In high school, she received Sterling Scholar for visual arts, and received the highest possible score for both 2D Design and Drawing ap classes. Outside of art, she is currently learning American Sign Language, and hopes to one day be an ASL interpreter and do freelance art on the side. Abby’s piece is based on the song “Love Like You” by Steven Universe. I always thought I might be bad Now I’m sure that it's true 'Cus you're just so good And I’m nothing like you. Look at you go, I just adore you I wish that I knew What makes you think I'm so special


Emi Christensen

Emi Christensen has three ground rules: live in the moment, find joy in all things and always have a little too much fun. Emi’s values are reflected in her bold and playful illustration style, inspiring others to take life less seriously and enjoy the ride. Emi has worked with clients across the United States on a number of projects ranging from murals & art licensing to product design & illustration. Emi currently resides in Moab, UT with her husband and son. You can find more of her work at emichristensen.com. About the piece: “You Will Be Found” is inspired by the Dear Evan Hansen track of the same name. Hope amidst struggle is one of the most inspiring aspects of the human experience for me. That theme, along with a rainbow—a symbol of bright and beautiful things after a dark and cloudy storm—come together in this piece to remind you that whoever you are and however lost in your struggle you may be, “you’ll reach up and you’ll rise again, if you’ll only look around, you will be found.”


Ike Bushman

Ike’s piece is based on the song “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want” Song by The Smiths. Good times for a change See, the luck I've had Can make a good man Turn bad So please, please, please Let me, let me, let me Let me get what I want This time Haven't had a dream in a long time See, the life I've had Can make a good man bad So for once in my life Let me get what I want Lord knows, it would be the first time Lord knows, it would be the first time


James Rees

James piece is based on the poem “On Looking Up By Chance At The Constellations” by Robert Frost. You'll wait a long, long time for anything much To happen in heaven beyond the floats of cloud And the Northern Lights that run like tingling nerves. The sun and moon get crossed, but they never touch, Nor strike out fire from each other nor crash out loud. The planets seem to interfere in their curves- But nothing ever happens, no harm is done. We may as well go patiently on with our life, And look elsewhere than to stars and moon and sun For the shocks and changes we need to keep us sane. It is true the longest drout will end in rain, The longest peace in China will end in strife. Still it wouldn't reward the watcher to stay awake In hopes of seeing the calm of heaven break On his particular time and personal sight. That calm seems certainly safe to last to-night.


Katie Willes

Katie Willes is a self-taught abstract expressionist. Her degree was in Chemistry, but she has always had a love and appreciation for art. Despite that, Katie always thought of herself as a left-brained person. When her oldest went away to college a few years ago and studied art, Katie picked up a brush for the first time. What started as a way to connect with her daughter quickly became a way to connect more deeply with herself. Katie’s paintings reflect her optimism and happy personality. Her art can be found at her home studio in Sandy (studio tours available by appointment,) and in the Dana Ridenour Gallery in Newport Beach, CA. Katie’s piece is based on the poem “The Meadow” by Marie Howe Listen As we walk into words that have waited for us to enter them, so the meadow, muddy with dreams, is gathering itself together and trying, with difficulty, to remember how to make wildflowers. ... There will come a day when the meadow will think suddenly, water, root, blossom, through no fault of its own, and the horses will lie down in daisies and clover. Bedeviled, human, your plight, in waking, is to choose from the words that even now sleep on your tongue, and to know that tangled among them and terribly new is the sentence that could change your life.


Lauren Kunz

Lauren’s piece is based on the song “Audition (The Fools Who Dream)” by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Here’s to the ones who dream, foolish as they may seem.


Sarah Meitler

Sarah’s piece is based on the song “Underdog” by Alicia Keys. One conversation, a single moment The things that change us if we notice When we look up, sometimes


Vicki Speck

Vicki Speck is a Chilean self taught artist who moved to the US in 2018. She mostly creates paintings in her studio and also in the great outdoors. Vicki grew up in the big city of Santiago and it was hard to enjoy the blessings Nature gives us. She realized that painting landscapes and nature inspired art kept her closer to nature and it was very therapeutic to her. Vicki's inspiration comes from the connection she seeks after with nature and through her art she wants to give this beautiful world we live in a voice. Vicki’s piece is based on the poem “El amor de Chile” by Raúl Zurita For love of Chile, for love of all things from north to south, east and west all that opens, all that speaks White-water rivers and glaciered peaks touch and speak words of love because in this world all things speak of love; stone with stone, grasses with grasses That's how all things make love, beaches, deserts, mountains, southernmost forests, glaciers, and all the waters that open and touch So that you may behold them open Only so that you may hear, Chile rises Only so that you and I may look at each other Over the entire horizon, if one but looks they rise.




“The Walls” at Harrington Center for the Arts is a first of its kind in our community and provides opportunities for the public and artists alike to enjoy a free “outside art museum” with murals painted by local, professional and amateur artists. The two 9’x17’ sustainable steel exhibit structures support the ongoing rotation of new art every six months. Artists are chosen from the surrounding community and include works from professionally recognized artists as well as young and/or aspiring creators to display their work to the community. Each new rotation commences with a free unveiling ceremony that is advertised to the community.

This project has only been possible through the generous support of our community. Donors include Sherwin-Williams, SunPro, Runtastic Events, Adobe, Diamond Rental, WOI Steel, Evan Ault, Glassey SteelWorks, Menlove Construction, Altaview Concrete, Lehi Block Company, Valley View Landscaping LLC, Intricate Builders, and Allied Electric Sign & Awning. Hundreds of work hours have been donated as community members have come together to weld, pour cement, landscape, and paint.

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