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A Non-Profit 501(c)(3) with a focused mission

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Growth & Progress

in an

incredible 2022

In 2022 Harrington Center for the Arts was able to directly support through our eight programs 1,000 local artists! Over 14,000 members of our community enjoyed our live events. The success we saw last year was only possible because of  your belief in the vision of HCA. Thank you!

construction begins  2023

The following is a conceptual rendering by the Principle Architects, VCBO, of the renovated Harrington School and addition of the Studio Theater.

Harrington Center for the Arts is working to save and renovate the historic Harrington School in American Fork, built in 1903, into a community sharing center for the arts to service Northern Utah County.

Plans for building and design. Brick and Glass building.

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Harrington center for the arts building

HCA focuses on balancing the highest level of artistic excellence with reserving opportunities for developing artists and artists with special needs to work alongside acclaimed professionals. Programs produced by HCA celebrate the prolific and diverse talent that is produced by our community.

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Harrington center for the arts building

HCA plans to renovate the historic Harrington School into a center for the arts, including a state-of-the art theater. We are conscious of the growing demographic of Utah County and the needs of arts organizations and individuals. We are committed to growing and adapting our future center to meet the emerging needs of the community. With the renovation and new theater addition, the Harrington School will once again be a shining jewel in Utah Valley.

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Harrington center for the arts building

HCA enlists volunteers to serve on our committees, prepare for events, and plan and facilitate our programming. Our mission and programming has now collectively drawn hundreds of individuals to volunteer. Our projects have created a cohesiveness in purpose amongst our volunteers from a diverse group of people that would otherwise be strangers.

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Recording Artist

Jay Warren

Featured Artist

Jay Warren is a Salt Lake City based recording artist. He has been involved with music from a very young age as he started singing in his school and church choirs at the age of 8 years old. Warren works in many aspects of music creation from, writing, singing, production, and performing. He is inspired by many different genres: hip-hop, rap, alternative, pop, metal, country, and blues.

After being asked to perform as a soloist in the Saints Unified Voices Choir directed by Gladys Knight, Jay has released multiple singles and accumulated over 8 million streams on Spotify and placement on many of the platform’s editorial playlists. In September Jay made history by making ‘Give Love’ the first Utah album to hit #1 on the iTunes R&B album chart!



Featured Organization

DECEMBER 11-12, 2020 SALT presents its annual choreography festival, SHAPE. Submit color or group works virtually to be adjudicated by current choreographers; receive individualized feedback on your choreography; and take visual workshops and master classes to improve your technique, improv, and creation skills.

Meaningful History

Harrington center for the arts building

One building, built at three different times

The Harrington School was built in 1903 with a matching 1924 addition to the north and final expansion in 1934. Can you spot where the addition starts?

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a room with light shining in through the windows

Past, present, future

The Harrington School was used for various education purposes from 1903-1985. Currently, we are developing plans for renovation and producing events to support local artists. In the future the Harrington School will be filled with arts, education, and performances.

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A bowl of soup

Soup. That’s the tweet.

Have you ever had a meal you'll never forget? The alumni of Harrington School often recall a soup so unusual and delicious, that they have never forgotten it. The legendary succulent soup.

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