Exploration of New Works

November 2024

Shark Tank, but for the theater! Harrington Center for the Arts just presented our sixth biannual presentation of "Exploration of New Works" this March. This new play was selected to present a full length reading for a live audience. Afterwards, the new work was the subject of a talkback from qualified panelists. Be ready for our next  "Exploration of New Works" in November!

old archipelago

SYNOPSIS: The Pulitzer Prize-nominated playwright, Will Arbery, hailed this script as "a story of grief so powerful it tears the very fabric of the universe apart." On the banks of the Scottish Northern Isles, Bosco and Marcelle cared for a son, but he went missing several years ago. In fable, a young lad called Otter searches for a way to start over. A rich exploration through the depths of the seas brings the family freedom, love, heartbreak, and darkness. Reality and fable are far more connected than we see. A twisted and lively tale, Archipelago is a charming and surprisingly hilarious story of imagination, grief, and second chances. Archipelago is a play with music.

Nathan Holley



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