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The Walls

"God, Family, Country"

"The Walls" is a free outdoor art exhibit with huge 8'x8' murals painted by local artists. "The Walls" are located on the lawn of the Harrington School. This installation's theme for the artists is "God, family, country." Come visit and be sure to tag your social media posts with #harringtonwalls to support these wonderful artists.

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We are extremely proud to present the artists of the 7th installment of "The Walls." Each artist spent anywhere from 1-3 weeks working on these masterpieces. They were given materials and a theme, the rest was up to their intepretation of what "Past, Present, Future" means to them.

Brooke Keithley

Brooke Keithley is a local Utah artist. She completed her bachelor's degree in Visual Arts in 2018 and most recently studied with acclaimed animator Don Bluth. Her piece juxtaposes a familiar activity, (playing fetch) with the extreme setting of outer space. "After these hard couple of years, I wanted viewers to feel as though the future you want is attainable, you just have to chase it."

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Jake Allen

Striking color, Contesting patterns, Forward imagery. This piece depicts the past, present, and future of Utah and its valleys. Having risen early in the start of the westward movement Utah and its busy-bee nature was born. Homesteads dotted the land and fields of crops stretched to reach as high as the mountains did. In our time this resemblance of prosperity would change. No longer did crops seek to tower tall but skyscrapers themselves threatened to overcome the beautiful slopes. Sleek and slender are the beams of steel and alluring are their streets. And while all are entranced by a seamless path into the future one should always stop and ask whether it leads where one would like to go. The future has come but its resemblance is unfamiliar. With no big buildings and pristine streets, the future is earthy but still quite the feat. For the future here is not found in bigger and more for the future is green. Through constraint and wise wisdom, the future will be a brighter and connected land. Not bright of the lights from cityscapes. But bright of the stars and trains that run through country byways.

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Rachael Gibson

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Riley Cheney

Riley Cheney is 26 years old born and raised in California. Her husband, Michael, and she moved to Utah and married in 2018. "I created “ Heavenly Team” without a story at first. It wasn’t until just last week that my experience with my Heavenly Team became real. What started as an ordinary day became a disaster. I was very suddenly overcome with a major anxiety attack and was quickly on the verge of passing out. No matter how much I tried controlling my breathing, and drinking water, nothing improved. It was at that time I decided to pray to God to send my Heavenly team to my aid. I needed my angels, past, present, and future, to protect me while I drove home. God answered my prayers and allowed me to be alert and attentive behind the wheel. It was truly a miracle. Since that day I have continued to not only pray for my team to be with me, but thank God for being constantly aware of me. Our heavenly teams can be people close to us here on earth and even those who have passed on. I believe my heavenly team consists of my ancestors, my posterity, and even those who I was close to here. This painting specifically shows a person in the middle. They are surrounded by all kinds of angels, big and small. Some of them are future kids, friends, and relatives. We can see a few with their arms out acting as a shield, others are reaching towards the person. Some are touching the person and one is even blessing them. We are never alone, I hope this piece can be a firm reminder that God cares."

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Scott Stanley

The past is full of memories and lessons our predecessors learned. We can celebrate those lessons by recognizing the success of the past and learning from the mistakes. The present is such an incredible space to live in, it is a time for action, a place of curiosity, and the daily challenge to Carpe-that-Diem! The future holds limitless possibilities, where all of us can discover, and reach out and extend towards lofty unknown goals. "I hope that my art inspires people to seek out daily adventures and when life gives you those uniquely scary chances, go and catch that tiger by its fuzzy orange and striped tail."

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Shelby Pence

Shelby Pence is a multi media artist. She has been doing art for most of her life, but started getting more serious about it when lockdown started. Acrylic paint is her go to medium, but she also enjoy jewelry making, bookbinding, and using recycled materials. "My mural is a self portrait from three different angles. One looking to the past, one to the present, and one to the future."

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Shelly Coleman

Shelley graduated with my BFA in drawing and painting from Utah State University in 2008. Since then she has taught numerous art classes, participated in various art exhibits, and painted over 100 murals. "My mural is meant to draw attention to something as seemingly insignificant as a drop of water. Due to the current drought that plague us both locally and worldwide, I have realized how something as commonplace as water is often taken for granted. Water links us to the past as civilizations were built around access to water and also to the future the wise use of water will ensure that those civilizations will remain. The colors in the water represent the unseen influences of present day and the ripple shows how our choices continue to effect the future."

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“The Walls” at Harrington Center for the Arts is a first of its kind in our community and provides opportunities for the public and artists alike to enjoy a free “outside art museum” with murals painted by local, professional and amateur artists. The two 9’x17’ sustainable steel exhibit structures support the ongoing rotation of new art every six months. Artists are chosen from the surrounding community and include works from professionally recognized artists as well as young and/or aspiring creators to display their work to the community. Each new rotation commences with a free unveiling ceremony that is advertised to the community.

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This project has only been possible through the generous support of our community. Donors include Sherwin-Williams, SunPro, Runtastic Events, Adobe, Diamond Rental, WOI Steel, Evan Ault, Glassey SteelWorks, Menlove Construction, Altaview Concrete, Lehi Block Company, Valley View Landscaping LLC, Intricate Builders, and Allied Electric Sign & Awning. Hundreds of work hours have been donated as community members have come together to weld, pour cement, landscape, and paint.

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