Promote a culture of creativity and learning by supporting the arts in education, performance, and opportunities that uplift individuals, families, and our community and inspire meaningful human connections.

Board of Directors

Spencer stevens creative

Spencer Stevens

Spencer stevens
Summerisa Stevens Creative

Summerisa Bell Stevens

Summerisa Stevens
Blake Barlow CreativeBlake Barlow

Blake Barlow

Cheryl Edwards Creative

Cheryl Edwards

cheryl edwards
rich roberts creative

Rich Roberts

rich roberts
Valecia Green Creative

Valecia Green

Valecia Green
Ryan Bacher CreativeRyan Bacher

Ryan Bacher

David Bell Creative

David Bell

David Bell
Holly Cooper Creative

Holly Cooper

Holly Cooper
Curtis Miner Creative

Curtis Miner

Curtis Miner
Jeff Sermon Creative

Jeff Sermon

Jeff Sermon
Carol Bell Creative

Carol Bell


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