Recording Artist

Ryan Innes

February Featured Artist

Fork Fest favorite Ryan Innes is known his soulful voice that received a four-chair turn on NBC Music TV show, The Voice. Innes recently dropped a new single, "Creature." Innes has developed a distinct and dynamic artistic voice. One that can be heartbreakingly intimate at one moment and soaringly epic the next. The range of emotions Innes can articulate in a single song or across a setlist mirrors the emotional scope of the artist’s life, a contrasting mélange of turmoil, peace, grief and hope.

Art School

Sentient Academy

February Featured Organization

Founded in 2019, Sentient Academy is an online art school for artists, by artists. Through their digital platform, they deliver first-class art education to a worldwide audience like never before. They challenge themselves to deliver the most high-quality learning experience, by recruiting working professionals as Sentient Academy art masters and instructors, for those looking to build a career in art or take their hobby to the next level.